Tips To Achieve Active Mental Wellness?


Your mind is the world’s window to your soul. It is the source of everything that makes you who you are. If you want to keep being the way you are, you should make sure that your mind is properly nourished to ensure that it functions well. Now, that’s easier said than done, especially with the unhealthy diet that seems to be the new diet system that everyone else follows. It can be quite a challenge to keep your brain sharp all the time, but it is definitely worth the try. 

Your brain is one of the most delicate parts of your body, but it can be one of the most powerful too. It is the tool that controls your mental state, how you think, what you feel and it even determines how everything else in your body works. Grief, stress and too much pressure are just some of the things that come with negative effects on your brain. Sadly, people who develop serious mental illnesses have lower life expectancies of about 10 to 15 years.

So if you don’t want to be a victim of a brain condition, here are the tip top tips to help give your brain the boost that it needs. With these ingredients combined, you can expect for a healthier you.

  • Eight hours of sleep will keep your brain healthy.

When you go to sleep, your brain and your body are put to rest. So when you get enough sleep, like eight hours or so, you become more alert and are less likely to be under a lot of stress. More importantly, a good night’s sleep can help you get good memory.

  • Eat right and feel right.

Foods that are rich in Omega-3 should be included in your daily diet. They help your body fight the negative effects of pressure and stress. Tuna, salmon and mackerel are good sources of the natural Omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Be active and stay fit.

Regular exercise will not only make you physically strong, but its helps reduce the stress in your body too. A few tweaks on how you normally go about your day can serve as the exercise. You can take the stress or enrol yourself in a Yoga class.

  • Interact with other people will keep your brain healthy.

Your brain needs to absorb new information to keep it working properly. Stop and talk to people for at least 5 minutes a day and you’ll be surprised how healthy it can be for your brain.

  • Start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Learning means giving your brain new activities to process, thus it makes the brain work better than it normally does. Whether it is learning to play a new instrument or perhaps learning a new hobby to sew, all these can help keep the brain as active as it should be.

Brain wellness can easily be achieved, if only people took the time to learn more about how they can make their brains active. With these easy tips in mind, you never have to worry about forgetting things again.

10 Worst Foods For Health and Longevity


You’ve been told so many times to only eat what’s healthy. If you want to live longer and a more comfortable life, you must include a regular serving of veggies and fruits into your diet. Sadly, those that are normally part of what a healthy diet is do not really appeal to you. Oats, greens and fresh juices are all part of that list and yet nobody has ever told you which foods you shouldn’t be eating at all. With all hope, you think that the foods that you love to eat are not included in the list of not-to-eat-foods. 

It is always challenging to begin the change that you need. But it can be frustrating to be talking with people who will tell you the same things about your diet. And so you begin your search about the ten worst foods for health and longevity. Here is another list of foods that you simply have to say no to.

  • Ice Cream – uh-oh! That shouldn’t be on the list right? The food that comforts you when you down is actually the reason why your sugar levels are going way up too. It doesn’t hurt to have a little ice cream once in while, but you might want to settle for the healthier ice cream options like yogurt.
  • Fast Food – living a very busy schedule makes you settle for what fast food has got to offer. Those fries are undeniably good too. And yet all these fast foods contain high levels of trans fat that put your heart at risk. Save yourself from heart problems by eating less and less of these trans fat-rich foods.
  • Processed Meat – yes, hotdogs are included in the list. It may be the perfect food for snacks or breakfast, but it is the perfect epitome of what is truly unhealthy. Slowly, give up eating hotdog and replace it with a healthier alternative and you won’t have to worry about a thing. In the long run, you won’t even notice that it’s not in your diet anymore.
  • Grilled dishes – grilling is one of the healthier ways of cooking, but it can be very bad for the health too. Grilled dishes are more prone to contain carcinogenic substances that cause the rapid growth of cancer cells. To keep yourself off from developing cancer, keep off grilled dishes.
  • Soda – soda is the perfect drink when you are feeling all too thirsty, but it is the perfect combination of unhealthy drinking too. It may be comforting now, but if you know the harsh effects that it has on your body, you never want to drink it again.

Foods have the power to help people live healthy lives. Some of the suggested foods for longevity are those that help your body heal on its own. Some of them are suggested because they’ve got the power to enhance your body’s natural ability to fight off diseases. Those in the list you have just read may include your favourite snacks and even some of those that you consider comfort food. But you have got to make that change today or forever suffer the consequences.

Sustaining Wellness: How Do People Do It?


You are aware that you should be eating only what is healthy for your body. You also know that you have to give yourself at least thirty minutes a day to exercise. You have been struggling to find ways to incorporate these lifestyle changes in the life that you have grown accustomed to, especially when your seemingly deadly schedule makes it all so difficult. Being able to achieve one’s ideal weight is not the goal. Looking is sexy is not it either. The goal is to be able to shed off pounds, achieve total wellness and be able to maintain it. 

And yet when these challenges are real life, how do you learn to deal with them? How do you bring about that positive change in your life? Here are some of the top questions you must have about sustaining wellness and the answers that only the experts can give.

How do I make that change?

You should never think big. When you set goals for weight loss, you should start by thinking small. When you are able to achieve the small, the big will slowly set in. The small success will encourage you to try harder and work harder so you can achieve more.

I have been struggling for change for a long time, do you have any advice?

You have to understand that knowing what to eat is different from actual eating what you know is healthy. Incorporate the changes in your life by choosing to know what is truly healthy for you. Feed your body with the food and nutrients that it needs and it will feel better from the inside.

Is there support for those struggling with weight?

You cannot do it alone. A little help, support and encouragement from those around you will make the journey to change even more bearable. When you know you’ve got friends and family who are cheering for you, you’ll get even more inspired to make the real change take place.

How can I make this time any different?

You have tried weight loss and failed. You have tried exercising, but eneded up eating more than you should? There is no one secret to success. What worked for others may not necessarily work for you. But this time will be different because you are now knowledgeable of the processes that can work to your advantage. Be in charge of the change in your life and see the new you unfold in just a few months.

Do you have any tips?

Be yourself and explore the possibility of how you can make yourself better. There will always be something about you that will be unique and special. It may mean that you need to spend more time exercising and there is nothing wrong about it. Accept the things that you cannot change and learn to deal with them at your best.

Sustaining wellness has always been a challenge, but you don’t have to give up to defeat. There will always be hope that you will be in a much better health condition and you are the only one that cane make that happen.

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